Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bling, Our New Obsession

Be it day or night, sequins can be luxe, as they shimmer on cocktail dresses and gowns or make for a bold style statement when worn as embellishments for tops, skirts or blazers. Ladies, sequins are one sartorial trend that is here to stay this season!

Styling can be a little but tricky, but we are sure that it is no trouble for a style savvy fashionista like you. Just err on the side of caution to avoid overkill…. sequins on an outfit or accessory is the ultimate bling so remember to wear just one sequined item at a time with minimal jewelry, maybe just studs in your ears and a statement ring.

Little sequins work over giant sequins as they look a lot classier. You can wear matte champagne or gold colored sequins instead of glossy ones for a day time brunch and work it with nude colors to keep the look classy and well balanced.

Another way to work sequins into your wardrobe is to go for the minimalistic look with skinny jeans and tee and pair it with a sequined blazer. The look is hip and young and will have you feeling like a super star!

Oh and ladies, an insider tip:  be sure to keep an eye out for these fun pieces at a Daaman store near you! In the meantime…. here’s a little preview for you: glitzy, muted gold capri pants!! ;) 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Looks From the Fall Runway 2012

The fall runways are awash with different make up looks and we here at Daaman absolutely love this season’s gothic romance look! It is all about shades of maroon and burgundy or a bold splash of red. And even though these can be a bit hard to carry off, we know there is a look here that you will find is perfect for you!

Goth Chic

The first look that we absolutely love is a soft gray smoky eye paired with a glossy burgundy lip. Choose a deep burgundy color of your choice, go for a swipe the first time and blot it off with tissue. Rich colors bleed a lot - and we really don’t want a messy pout! So take a lip liner and correct the outline and then fill it up with the lip color again. Using a brush is the best way to go as it fills in the color pretty well.

We want to keep the complexion smooth as deep colors tend to make the skin look very drained. Make sure you use a concealer to cover blemishes for breathtaking, flawless skin.


At Michael Kors and Dior runways, a soft pink flush bloomed both on the runway and off. It’s the look after a morning of skiing in the cold, cold weather, absolutely blushing!  Smudge red lipstick on cheeks, blending with a damp foundation sponge to get the same color as the lips. Concentrate the pink shade on just the apples for a youthful glow.

Crimson Red

Crimson lips add an overall brightness, again red also makes the skin look very pale so good foundation is essential and also some color to balance out the bold hue. Dab liquid foundation over bare lips to help set the lip color, then fill in the lips with red and blot with a tissue. Apply once more, and you’re all set!

The picture shows bare eyelids, but if you are not used to that you could even go for a hint of silver to play up your eyes or just use a liquid liner to enhance them along with some mascara.

With these looks try too keep the clothes understated, yet chic! And just remember: doing your make up should not be something you stress over, so don't over think it too much and try to have fun experimenting with your style! 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Summer Hair Makeover

Summer’s in full swing and if your long locks are bothering too much (or you are just simply craving a change!) we’ve got come choice picks for you to consider.

Ever wonder why the bob has been the go to hair cut all these years? There's a reason that every starlet worth her salt has sported a bob at one time or another — it's just so flattering! It can be chic, cute, and sexy. 

In addition to looking fab, a bob is also quite the functional hairstyle as well.  Its versatility helps to flatter most faces. We’ve got three fabulous versions of the chin grazing bob that you can try out, while keeping cool!

The Sleek Bob

Super angular bobs that are shorter in back and longer in front makes for a youthful, edgy and confident bob these days is the bob cut in the A-line style, as Keira's is cut here.

A-line means the back is slightly shorter than the front, with an angle that can be seen from the side. The A-line is also called "graduated bobs" or "inverted bob hairstyles".

The Mussy Bob

Mussy bobs are super trendy in 2012. To get this look, let hair air dry and then scrunch the hair in the palm of your hand as it dries.

It’s equal parts beachy wave and cutesy cut with teased edginess into an otherwise prim look. Strong jaws and some square face shapes might want to avoid the bob, but rounder faces should consider it.

The Funky Bob
Wispy ends such as these make a boring bob modern. Blow-drying with a round-brush or using a flat iron will leave hair smooth and shiny. 

Minimal styling products are needed in order to keep hair ends from looking too defined.

Now we know it’s scary to try out a different hair style – but ladies, that’s really the only way to figure out what really works well for you! So go ahead, take the plunge… and experiment!  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fun With Block Printing

Block printing is one of the most ancient fiber arts in existence. Did you know that its origins actually lie in the Indus Valley… some four and a half thousand years ago! The local craftsmen used teakwood blocks and carved some astonishing patterns.

And it may be a dying art right now, but here and there we see some fabulous block print work: like in traditional sarees.

But guess what? Options really start to open up for you when you apply this method to fabric and mix it with interior decoration.  Consider a table runner, cloth napkins, or some tea towels in fall colors! And the pattern on a large throw pillow would add a great pop of color to a neutral chair or couch: what we love most about this are the endless possibilities that you can work with to decorate your place.

Here we share a very simple way to produce a type of modern print you might find in contemporary settings. When done on paper and mounted in a frame, these prints make fabulous wall art for a variety of room styles.

What you need: some yarn, paint and brushes, and a few blocks.

Begin by wrapping a small wooden block with yarn. Then knot the end and use some tape to secure it in place. If you don’t have a block, not to worry, all you really need is anything “wrappable” in a shape of your choice.  

Once your printing block is ready, take a brush and apply your paint. The yarn can be pretty absorbent at first so you’ll need to experiment with how much paint to apply on a practice sheet of paper. It’s also a good idea to brush on the paint in only one direction so the yarn fibers lay flat.

And once you have your technique perfected, start stamping. To add interest, layer on some orange paint for a few of the squares as it gives the print some nice depth in real life.

So if you’ve got a little time this weekend, spend some time working on a little project such as this and create some art! Not only will you have a good time relaxing, but it’ll be something that you can use to accentuate your room with.

And remember: have fun with it!! 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Know When It’s Time to Throw Away Your Makeup

Getting rid of your beauty products can (and should) come at any time of the year. Disposing of beauty products such as mascara and lotions may come naturally to some; others might not realize the importance of cleaning out one’s makeup bag in order to maintain a fresh collection of products that are helping, not hurting us!

Just knowing how to apply makeup is not the only important thing, but you should also know when to toss your makeup and when and how to clean your products.

Remember: your makeup has an expiration date as well! Keep the below few points in mind when you are deciding toss away stuff.

Throw away cream blushes after one year and get rid of powder blushes after 2 years.

Powders generally can last a year to 18 months.

Toss your cream and liquid foundation after using it for 6-8 months.

Throw away concealers and cleanser after 6-8 months of use.

For mascara, toss after six months - Tip: For fake eyelashes, dispose after one use.

If you are sharing eye shadows you can get eye infections, you can spread pink eye back and forth from cosmetic to cosmetic, so be careful! Tip: Be sure to toss your makeup if you have an eye infection.

If you are a fan of liquid liner you need to remember that it needs to be replaced every three months.
Regular lipstick can last six months. However, lip glosses last less than that.

Test nail polish to see if it goes thin: If you take it out and it's clumpy and thick and drags through the nail, it's time to discard it. If you look at it, and there are rings of color, it's time to discard it.

Dump your lip pencils after 18 months of use.

Before you think about throwing away your brushes, wash your brushes with your shampoo.

Any change of color, smell or texture? Get rid of the item stat! And lastly, your makeup bag! If it's in good condition, put it through the washing machine; if it's seen better days, throw it out and buy a new one. Try to stash your beauty goods in a clean, dry area for the best results.

Splurging on longer lasting items is the best way to go and make sure you don’t buy too much makeup that you won’t even end up using! 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The New Black

Ever wonder how one day you wake up to find that pink is the new black?? How does the fashion industry flip on a switch and push something so blatantly onto us? Is there a science to it or just some fashion Svengali’s whim?

Well… there is actually a job designation termed ‘color forecaster’. That tangerine orange, that’s so on trend right now? Predicted by Pantone, the quietly ubiquitous American company that maintains color standards for publishers, designers, and the fashion world two years ago for the color of summer!

Color forecasting is almost as old as the fashion industry itself. In the late 19th century, color cards issued by French textile mills were snapped up by their American counterparts, eager for ideas and direction as to what might be the next color of the season.

In fact:  color forecasters get together twice a year in a super hush-hush meeting at the Pantone HQ with colorists that have traditionally worked with textile companies and others to set color standards. Over two days, these ‘colorists’ will each pitch a palette concept, organized roughly around a theme that has been chosen in advance.

The debate results in finding something more concrete: a story paired with a color and based on the cultural diversity of the forecasters who pick up on local trends that are seen on the streets and merged together to give a more global outlook.

And in case you are wondering: the results are published in Pantone View, a publication that is purchased by companies across a broad consumer landscape, from fashion designers to supermarket chains to the floral industry (yes, you read that correct: the floral industry) to see what word on the ‘new black’ is. A fine art, indeed!

Oh and while we are at it, enjoy this marvelous clip from Meryl Streep’s the Devil Wears Prada and the color cerulean!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

It's Tiramisu Time!

We were really excited when our design associate Mehreen decided to delight us with tiramisu, probably the most famous Italian dessert and the coolest trifle, we'd like to add. I mean cream AND coffee together? Mmmm...we don't think it gets any better!

So roll up your sleeves and prepare to surprise a loved one with this sweet and bitter treat.

- Cream Cheese - 1 box
- Cream - 300ml
- Vanilla Essence - 1 tsp
- Sponge Fingers or sponge cake (You can find the... fingers at large supermarkets like Aghas by the name of Vicenzovo)
- Coffee - Brewed (Strong)
- Icing Sugar- To taste
- White sugar- To taste
- Brown sugar- To taste
- Cocoa powder or grated chocolate


- Brew very strong coffee in a coffee press or on the stove, using approximately 4-5 heaped tbsp of ground coffee to 3 cups water.

- In a food processor or mixing bowl, add the cream, cheese, vanilla, and icing sugar and beat till soft peaks start to form

- Use approximately 300ml of cream to one box of cream cheese (the taste should be slightly sour, the sweetness depends on you)

- Add in approximately 3 tbsp of white sugar and 2 tbsp of brown sugar to the coffee; maintain a bitter sweet taste

- Once the coffee has cooled, dip the sponge fingers and start layering your dish with them

- Pour a few spoonfuls of the remaining coffee over the sponge fingers

- Top off with a thick layer of the cream mixture

- Dust with cocoa or grated chocolate. Let set in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Daaman at Dolmen

Hey guys, we'll be opening our new store at Dolmen Mall Clifton tomorrow (the 17th of May). The store is looking great and we thought we would give our fans a quick peek inside. Be sure to come by any time after tomorrow and check us out in person!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Spotted On The Runway

We have been keeping our eyes on the Fashion Week 2012 runways and we definitely like what we see with the fashion trends. There were lots of neons, prints and a combination of solid and print separates.

What we love the most? Definitely the Palazzo pants. We love how you can dress it up or down and make it work with the tops already in your wardrobe.

Shirt length is no issue at all, either! Go for belted tunics (which are totally in as well) or collared shirts tucked in or full length. This piece can be stylized endlessly! 

Choose a sparkly top to go with a smartly tailored Palazzo for a high end night and a sophisticated look or a breathy cotton Palazzo for a comfortable but on trend look, pair with cork wedges for a summer day out in the sun. 

Versatility is key to dressing up smart, and with these pants you can do no wrong! 

And if you're looking to add a Palazzo pant to your wardrobe: be sure to check out quite the hot selling one we have available at our stores, or check it out online here

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The 'I Never Felt this Way' Pin

We’re back with another super fun edition of Daaman video blog and really excited to see what you think of this cute flower brooch. This time we are using felt (and oh there are SO many amazing colors that you can choose from!) and a rivet button. Try this very simple technique for making this brooch, which you can use in a variety of ways: pin to your clutch, neck scarf or even your hat in the winters! Special shout out goes to Aqsa, our resident flower person.

-Grab you favorite color in felt, 5-6 inches in width

-Draw flower petals and cut out the design

-Sew the felt piece throughout

-Pull thread to bunch up the petals together

-Pin rivet button in the center

-Cut out a round felt piece and attach a pin to it-Glue to the flower cut out to finish off the pin!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Little Changes... And A Healthier You

You love working out (OK… maybe not “love”) and staying in shape, but every now and then you throw a spanner in your plans and decide to binge on junk food. Well we are here to tell you (after much in depth research) that it’s quite healthy to indulge in your favorite foods, just make sure to follow a few healthy habits that will make it easier to shed those pounds, and keep them off!

Eat Eggs For Breakfast
People who eat eggs for breakfast lose more weight, body fat and inches from their waist than those who ate the same amount of calories in the form of bread. The higher protein content of the eggs helps you stay fuller, longer and leads to eating less throughout the day.

Turn Off The Tv
Studies show that we eat around 40 percent more when watching TV and we’re more likely to eat junk food while distracted. To lose weight without major sacrifice, power down your TV, computer or smart phone during dinner and concentrate only on your meal. Better yet, sit in the designated dining area!

Slim Down Your Daily Coffee
Removing just two teaspoons of sugar from your daily cup of coffee or tea may not seem like a big deal, but it can save you 32 extra calories a day or three extra pounds a year. That’s right.   

Take A Time Out
Too much stress could be thwarting your weight loss efforts. Cortisol is the stress hormone in your body that glues itself onto fat and keeps it on your hips, abs and thighs. To decrease cortisol and decrease fat, try this quick time out every day (especially when stressed): sit comfortably, close your eyes, and choose a mantra such as ‘relax’ or ‘let go’ and repeat it in your mind as you take slow, deep breaths for about 10 minutes.

Get Some Sunshine
Getting about 15 minutes of sun exposure every day will not only help your absorb Vitamin D, it can also help boost your mood and energy level, all of which can help you stay on track with a weight loss program. 

Drink Water Before Meals
A lot of people can confuse hunger with thirst, so regularly sipping on water can help keep hunger and cravings at bay. And if you get bored with water, try sipping on green tea or water with a fresh fruit or vegetable slice.

Inculcating these simple habits in your life could save you a world of trouble and help keep you on track to looking and feeling fabulous. 

Flower Power Pin

Hey guys! Daaman is back with its second edition of the video blog. This time our artsy design associate, Aqsa, shares a quick little technique for making an awesome Flower Power Pin to jazz up a favorite outfit of yours. Pens and paper at the ready, here we go! 

- Mark and cut a circle of 4 inches from plain paper
- Fold a piece of cloth so that it has about ten layers and cut out cloth circles, using the paper circle as a guide
- Mark and cut a circle of 2 inches on felt and sew a safety pin to it
- Fold the cloth circles into triangles and glue them onto the felt
- Place eight triangles on the felt and finish by gluing one in the center 
- Attach to your favorite shirt for a little funky detailing!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bring On the Calm!

So you’ve got to submit this assignment to wrap up, a deadline to meet and someone’s been raining on your parade (a lot) lately; the traffic jams just plain drive you up the wall. Well let’s just admit: stress is our permanent guest and it’s time to start dealing with it.

We’ve got some simple things for you to keep in mind as you go about your day and handle all sorts of crisis situations.

Smile. It can lift your mood, a phenomenon known as the facial feedback hypothesis. You can actually feel your mood changing as you smile because the brain picks up on the act and assumes you are happy. Go ahead: fool yourself!!  

Sing. There’s evidence that a primitive sensory organ in the inner ear might react to music, triggering a response that creates a pleasurable buzz So get humming your favorite cheerful song, or listen to what we call ‘happy music’, your favorite dance tracks can do the trick (no angry punk rock!).

Sweat. Exercise may buffer the brain from stressful situations. There’s some evidence that working up a sweat promotes the growth of new neurons that are less reactive to stress. So play your favorite jam and take out half an hour for yourself to get feeling (and looking) good!

Hang with upbeat people. Emotions are contagious: You can catch a mood, just like a cold! When you watch a person doing something, the mirror neurons in your brain are activated, even if you’re not doing anything yourself. So if you see someone smile, your mirror neurons for smiling fire up, whether or not you’re in a good mood. So spend time with happy people and you’ll eventually feel happier yourself (also, get rid of THAT snarky ‘friend’!).

And anyway, when was the last time you stopped and looked at a sunset…or looked up, period? We thought so. So put aside your gadgets and revel in what’s around you. Focus on pleasurable experiences and you’ll activate happiness-related neurons, which could make future good times feel even more intense.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Our Favorite '80s Movies

The 80s brought us all things associated with fun, it was after all the decade that saw the launch of MTV, brought us classic rock and of course, crazy fashion: teased hair (dare I mention the Mullet), neon clothing and ripped jeans... Ray-Bans!

Here we present, after much consideration, Daaman's favorite coming-of-age movies about misfits that made their place in pop culture history from the decade that makes us all just a little bit nostalgic (understatement!). 

The Breakfast Club 
Five stereotypical teenagers are stuck in detention, the Emo kid, the Brainiac, the Princess, the jock and the criminal. Though not complete strangers to each other, they come to realize that there’s much more to them than just their appearance. Considered as one of the most memorable movies of John Hughes (and there were plenty!). The movie stars Emilio Estevez, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, and Judd Nelson as the high school clique representatives who form the Breakfast Club.    

Pretty In Pink
High school senior Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) is a working-class girl who has a crush on one of the rich, preppy boys in her school, Blane McDonough (Andrew McCarthy) while Andie's best friend, Phil Dale (Jon Cryer), is in love with Andie but plays it off as a joke in front of her. When Andie and Blane try to get together, they encounter resistance from their respective social circles.

Upbeat city kid Ren MacCormack (Kevin Bacon) moves to a small town from Chicago where rock 'n' roll and dancing have been banned and also ends up falling for the conservative Reverend’s (the versatile John Lithgow) daughter played by Lori Singer and his rebellious spirit shakes up the populace. The movie is loosely based on the religious community of Elmore City, Oklahoma.  

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
“Life moves pretty fast, you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” It's almost graduation and Ferris can get away with just one more sick day – and it had better be a good one! Ferris Bueller, a high school teenager is bent on having a day off from school and so must his best friends, Cameron and Sloane. Matthew Broderick stars alongside Mia Sara and Alan Ruck in this must see classic, after all: While the rest of us were just thinking about it...Ferris borrowed a Ferrari and did it all in a day.

The Outsiders
The movie details a town split between the wealthy South Zone gang called 'The Socials' and the poor North Zone gang called 'The Greasers'. When two poor greasers, Johnny (Ralph Macchio), and Ponyboy (C. Thomas Howell) are assaulted by the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of events. Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, the cast includes Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze and Tom Cruise.  

Now if you’ve been missing your friends, arrange for a weekend get together, share lots of laughs and watch one (or two!) of these movies while you reminisce about the good ol’ times!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pineapple Delight

Daaman presents its very first video blog! We are going to be covering all sorts of fun stuff from d├ęcor, styling tips to quick desserts and drinks to keep you posted on the latest! So hang around and see what the Daaman team's been up to.

This time our design associate, Mehreen, shows us how to make a taste-bud tantalizing cold pineapple dessert. Watch this quick video and try out the recipe for yourself!

Friday, 9 March 2012

5 Very Cool Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

The heat wave is just around the bend, so sit back at home (we know you don’t want to go out anyway!), pull the curtains and make it a movie matinee day with your favorite people and these drinks to beat the heat!!
We selected 5 awesome taste bud tantalizing drinks for you to try out.

1. Daaman Citrus Delight
If you love tea, but you don’t find it refreshing in hot weather, try this wonderfully fresh iced alternative. 
·         6 ordinary tea bags
·         2 tbsp sugar
·         10 mint leaves
·         300 ml fresh orange juice
·         1 lime juice
½ sliced orange, mint leaves and ice to serve


Make the tea with 1.2 liters water and the sugar. Add mint to the pot and infuse for 10 minutes. Strain and cool.
Pour into a jug, stir in the juices and serve with orange slices, mint and plenty of ice.

2. Karachi Kooler 
This citrus peach cooler is a refreshing drink, perfect for a day at any Karachi beach.

·         2 lemons, juice only
·         2 limes, juice only
·         1 lemon, thinly sliced
·         Nestle peach nectar
·         A few sliced strawberries
·         Mint leaves  
·         Lemonade


Put the lemon juice and lime juice into a large jug. Add the sliced lemon and lime, and a handful of ice cubes. Add peach nectar to fill about one-third of the jug and top up to fill with lemonade.
Add the strawberries and top up with mint sprigs.

3. Mocha Madness
A decadent iced coffee for a sunny afternoon and chocoholics. Serve in tall glasses for a retro treat.
·         85gm dark chocolate, 70% cocoa
·         1 tbsp coffee granules (even instant coffee would work)
·         700ml milk
4 scoops vanilla ice cream, plus extra to serve (optional)

Roughly chop 75g of the chocolate and put into a large jug with the coffee. Bring 300ml of the milk to boil and then pour over the chocolate and coffee mix, stirring to melt. Once melted, cool.
Tip the cooled mocha milk into the blender with the ice cream and remaining milk. Blitz until blended, and then pour into 4 tall glasses. Add an extra scoop of ice cream to each, if you like, then grate a little of the remaining chocolate on top.

4. Grape Fantasy (With 7Up)
Make your own grape juice by pureeing and straining fresh grapes for this sweet and tangy sparkling drink. If you have very sweet grapes, you might not need the full amount of honey. Taste as you go. For a special treat, freeze extra whole grapes ahead of time and float them in the drink along with the ice cubes.
   ·   4 cup(s) seedless red grapes, plus more for garnish
·         2 tablespoon(s) lemon juice
·         2 tablespoon(s) honey
·         2 cups 7Up 
    Puree grapes in a blender. Pour the puree through a fine-mesh strainer set over a medium bowl or large measuring cup. Press on the solids to extract all the juice. Add lemon and honey to the juice; stir until the honey is dissolved. Add 7Up. Divide among 4 ice-filled glasses. Garnish with whole grapes.

5. Coconut Kela-Mela
This version of pina colada uses ripe bananas blended with fresh pineapple and coconut milk. Serve it in festive tropical-drink glasses.

·         2  very ripe bananas
·         1 cup(s) diced fresh pineapple, plus 4 wedges for garnish
·         1 cup(s) pineapple juice
·         1/2 cup(s) coconut milk (either fresh or canned)
·         3 cup(s) ice cubes
    Puree bananas, diced pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and ice in a blender. Divide among 4 glasses. Garnish with pineapple wedges.

Friday, 10 February 2012

5 Ways To Design A Colorful Bedroom

Bring a little color into your life!! Revamp your room and let your favorite color—and these gorgeous bedroom photos— inspire you to create a bold and beautiful boudoir. We give you five ways to bring a little bit of sunshine to your private sanctuary and make it definitively yours.

Paired with the right fabrics, even the most striking hue can set a serene mood. In this bedroom, fire engine red is offset with cool white – giving it a light breezy feel of a summer haven. White furniture and soft blues define the space.

If you are more into a look of pure opulence try a combination of gray with pink. Add plush fabrics, grand furniture, and pops of pink detailing to bring in a little femininity without being overly saccharine and make a gray color palette look extraordinary.

And if you really like to stand out – neon is the way to go. Pink knows no limits in this petite boudoir. This high-gloss hot pink is accented with exciting tribal patterns and crisp white linens to offset the popping shade.

Bring contemporary to the forefront with the contrast of black and white that speaks volumes in class with minimal effort. A monochromatic palette lets accent colors, like the bottle green pillow and floral arrangement, really pop. Add thick black framed photos to showcase and personalize your space.

This sophisticated hue lets a collection of vintage prints and neutral linens shine, without overshadowing colorful details like a thrift shop chair and a turquoise glass lamp. Orange, blues, greens and pink all work really well with brown so you get plenty of creative freedom.

Changing the color to your room is the easiest and most cost effective way to give your room a makeover – not to mention an instant mood changer. Go for a color that really lets your personality shine and makes you feel truly at home. So time to let go of your fear and play with color! 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Skin Tips To Keep You Glowing This Winter Season

Winter may be about to say it’s goodbye while leaving us with the usual problems that it brings in tow: dryness, rough hands, cracking, peeling and chapped lips. Well, not to fret! We’ve compiled a list of winter ‘ to do’ things. 

The real problem? Using the same products that we use throughout the year; Foaming face washes, alcohol-based toners, and astringents are all designed to strip oil — and in winter ladies, there's little oil to strip.
So make sure to follow through on a few of these tips to keep looking great this winter.

Exfoliate! It’s a must, and cannot be emphasized enough. The best way to get the maximum benefit from any product that you use is to make sure that you prep your skin. An exfoliator with gentle granules (not made with any nuts) is the best. Also, winter is actually the best season to start using Retin A (but do make sure to talk to your dermatologist before using it as it can have unwanted side effects.)

Sunscreen. Yes, it’s winter and it might get cloudy – but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there. Sunburn can happen even if it’s not sunny. So make sure to slather on some SPF 30 (at least)! Another tip is to buy make-up or moisturizer that already has SPF in it. Sunscreen is a must the whole year round – even indoors.

Hydrating Mask:  when your regular products are just not doing what they should! Look for a mask with sunflower oil, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seed oil), tocopherol (vitamin E) or glycerin and make sure to use it once a week. Switching your moisturizer in winter to something a little thicker or with some these ingredients should also do the trick.

Chapstick. So you wear a luxurious lipstick… but in winters even that can’t salvage chapped lips. Time to think beyond the balm and treat lips to the same TLC the rest of your face enjoys. Want to try a little home remedy? Try exfoliating with a mixture of fine salt and olive oil, which is an effective and easy little regimen. For painfully chapped lips, use a dab of hydrocortisone cream once a day for no more than a week. 

Now, don’t let winter cramp your style and enjoy the season while it lasts and still look fabulous!