Wednesday, 7 January 2015

"A New Year - A New You" 5-Style Pledges for 2015

Happy new year to all the fashionistas' out there! We hope that this year too turn out to be as stylish in your favor as ever.
A new year marks new beginnings, be it health, career, relationships or fashion. The dawn of January 1, 2015 brought us for a call of action and we found nothing more important than sitting down and drafting our New Year's Resolutions especially when they pertain to our specialty : Fashion and Clothes!
Now as 2014 has come to an end, we're renewing the tradition and will be spending a lot of time thinking about personal style and shopping. Here's what made our list.
1) Leave behind the pressure to look like a magazine cover:
FASHION HIGHLIGHT: Supermodels aren't as perfect as they appear on the cover on those glossy magazines.

It may surprise many amongst us that the supermodels we are most impressed with are not as perfect or in some cases healthy for a fact as they are potrayed. They too are humans like us with flaws and imperfections. What you see on the magazine reaches you after being pampered by a dozen stylists and excellent makeup artists who are experts in their art! Striving to achieve impossible beauty standards leaves you depressed upon failure whereas in 2015 we will be focusing emulating a style you adore. Be yourself and show your personality and you'll look gorgeous!
2) Stop playing it safe:
Good sense of style means taking few risks occasionally. Although being a slave to fashion trends isn't a great idea but wearing the same kind of clothes all the time looks repetitive and boring. Blossom your sense of style by "mix and match" which also happens to be our style mantra for the year 2015. Try a new shade of lipstick or maybe crop your pants for a fresher look and see what happens!
3) Clean your closet for real!

Isn't this what our mothers ask us to do all the time? It's time to make mamas' happy all over the globe. Get up , open your closet and start thinking, "is this how I want to look like?" . I am sure all of us have been hanging on to clothes that either we don't wear anymore or they doesn't fit. It's time to toss out all such items and give it to someone who can value it more than us. In this manner we'll be left with more closet space and a more clear idea of how we want to appear.
4) Invest in a Statement piece:

Instead of buying five so-so pieces that you’ll toss out after five washes, it’s better to invest in a great item that you’ll wear for a longer period of time. You can have a lot of variety from a chic top to a great leather handbag in this category.

5) Glitter out:
We all wear glitter or let’s say metallic hues during the night while attending weddings and late night events. But let’s take the risk and wear those trends while stepping out during the day. A matte gold sequin skirt paired with a pair of neutral hued straight pants can make your morning a little more bright.

Let us know what your new year resolutions are.