Monday, 5 August 2013

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth this Eid!

Ramzan is almost at an end and we now into the final week and looking forward to celebrate Eid! And you know the best part of Ramzan has to be the fun at the end: preparing all kinds of sweet delicacies for Eid ul Fitr and enjoying them with our loved ones!
New deserts come and go, but some traditional ones remain top favorites indeed, just like sheer khurma with us. We’ve rounded up some of the best treats from around the world… and they already have our mouth watering!
Baklava: In the Middle East one of the most popular sweets is 'baklava', a crispy dessert made with layers of phyllo pastry, nuts and a sweet sugary syrup. In Turkey, this dessert is almost as popular as the country's famous Turkish delights.

Cakes and Pancakes: Delicacies like 'basbousa', a sweet semolina cake, or 'kunafa', a specialty of Nablus reign supreme in Palestine, which is a pastry filled with cream and garnished with crushed pistachio nuts and sugar syrup. 'Qatayef’, a special dessert that is a mini pancake filled with sweet cheese or nuts with cinnamon and sugar, fried or baked and then soaked in sugar syrup is really famous in Arab countries.
Cookies: In Egypt, cookies remain a top favorite. NoEid is complete without 'kahka', cookies filled with nuts and covered with powdered sugar. In Palestine, ‘hab el hal’ (cardamon) cookies are popular during Eid celebrations. Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei favor a common pineapple-filled variety that melts in the mouth.

But besides the sweets that will come our way and the eidi that we will receive, the other best part about Eid is getting to dress up in new clothes – a very important tradition too! And if you’re still on the lookout for that special dress that makes all the difference in the world, do make sure to check out our formals range and place your order. So little time left till the celebrations start and we are so looking forward to it!