Monday, 28 September 2015

5 Types Of Shoes Every Desi Woman Should Own

As Marilyn Monroe righteously said, "Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world," but all women know one pair is never enough! So here are 5 must have shoes every desi woman needs for a complete wardrobe!

1. Khussas

Classics never go out of fashion, and any desi outfit looks perfect adorned with a pair of khussas! They could be gold or embellished, sober or bright, printed or plain, the choices are endless!

2. Nude heels

 The right pair of shoes that will look perfect with any colour, print or style! May it be an eastern or western attire, nude heels give the perfect mod and classy look!

3. Simple Sandals

For endless shopping sprees or just a day at work, flat sandals work best and are always a safe choice!

4. Ballet Flats

A comfy pair of ballet pumps are a must have in your closet, they're practical and look adorable with jeans or even a kurta paired with tights!

5. Glitzy gold heels

Being a desi woman it's impossible to avoid weddings and such events! A pair of gold heels will have you covered as they'll match with almost every formal outfit you own!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Karachi's 5 Best Street Foods

With raids and shutdowns at eateries gaining pace across the country, it won't be long before the authorities turn their attention to Karachi. So you better head out and have all your favourite street foods before the food police gets here!

DISCLAIMER: Daaman is not responsible for any problems that might take place after consuming said food! :)

Bun Kabab


The one stop solution to a hungry stomach! Our desi twist on a mouthwatering burger, complete with a mix of coleslaw, onions, ketchup and watery green chutney! And the guarantee of an upset stomach...

Gol Gappay

Also commonly known as pani or meethi purri, these crispy delights are a popular favourite! Topped of with sweet and sour sauces, the fun part is trying to fit the whole thing in your mouth in one go, definitely not something you should consider having in front of company!

Dhaabay Ki Chai


Despite the scorching temperatures, Karachi walas survive on a fuel we know as chai. And everyone who loves chai has been to a dhabba to have a good cup of hot doodh patti! Even though we know they definitely don't use Tetra Pak milk, but that's probably the secret behind it!

Paratha Rolls

One word to describe this godly wonder: scrumptious! Crispy paratha filled with succulent chicken and juicy chutney is another famous favourite! Despite the fact that you can practically taste how unhygienic this is when you see them pouring out chutney from a large not so hygienic bucket...

French Fries

Or as commonly written on the vendors cart: finger chips. The taste that these greasy potatoes, sprinkled with chaat masala and too sweet ketchup, achieve can never be matched by any gourmet restaurant out there!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Technology Takes Over Desi Weddings

With technology taking over our day-to-day lives, and the belief that 'if you don't post about it on Facebook (or Instagram or Snapchat) it didn't happen,' our lives have become even more dependant on internet and modern means of communication. Similarly, even traditional weddings have been infiltrated with gadgets and hashtags!

1. Skype Sessions During Ceremonies

No need to be relieved that your phuppo from Canada couldn't make it, she's going to demand to be on Skype the whole time and have the laptop carried around by an unlucky younger cousin!

2. (Attack of the killer) DRONES!!!

No longer will your mehndi dances be filmed from a conventional angle when you can have an aerial view of the whole event! And an even sneakier way to catch your guests munching away on the dinner table!

3. Official Wedding Hashtag

Finding your social media newsfeed full of pictures from the same event just isn't annoying enough without that hashtag that combines the bride and groom's name into one annoying nickname!

4. Selfie Sticks

And last, but not the least, how can any wedding be complete without the bride and groom awkwardly posing on stage with a selfie stick! I mean not like they paid the photographers a huge amount of money to take proper photographs or something...