Monday, 29 June 2015

Ridiculously Expensive HandBags You Didn't Know You Needed

When you hear of the most expensive bag your mind is likely to go to the latest crocodile skin Hermes Birkin. But you probably haven't heard of these equally ridiculously priced bags!

1. Louis Vuitton- Urban Satchel: $150,000

This is one of those bags you probably wouldn't want to carry on  a trip to Sunday Bazaar, out of the fear that it might be mistaken as actual trash by the garbage collectors there...

2. Chanel- Diamond Forever: $261,000

Since absolutely everyone you know has Chanel rip offs, one has to stand out from the crowd right? This exclusive purse is crafted from crocodile leather and adorned with 334 diamonds. Even the chain straps are white gold! And since 13 of these were ever made, you're guaranteed to not run into someone else ridiculous enough to buy this pretty ordinary looking bag.

3. Mouawad- 1001 Nights Diamond Purse: $3.8 million

Perfect for those desi weddings where aunties can't stop gushing over each others gold jewellery sets. You're sure to top them all with your 18k gold clutch with over 4517 diamonds adorning it!

4. Hermes- Birkin by Ginza Tanaka: $1.9 billion

Because Hermes wasn't an expensive enough brand they decided to work with a Japanese designer to make this platinum bag with 2000 diamonds, as well as a removable diamond sling that can be worn as a necklace and a removable centrepiece that can be worn as a brooch! Perfect to attract muggers as you walk down the street with this glitzy thing. What more could you ever need? 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Keep Your Cool- The Desi Way

With temperatures hitting ridiculous heights, never ending electricity shortages and unavailability of central air conditioning in our country, we as resilient Pakistanis have to adopt to the good old desi way to keep our cool!

1. A lassi a day keeps the heat away

No one knows why a cold glass of curdled milk does the trick, but everyone definitely agrees. The lungi and mooch is optional but this cold delight definitely hits the spot!

2. Aam khaanay hain aam!

Probably the only reason why any Pakistani would look forward to Summer: MANGO SEASON! At least one mango flavoured treat is guaranteed to find its way into our refrigerators and give us those few extra pounds we were looking to gain this summer (not...)!

3. Fresh juice walay


Never have we appreciated a chilled glass of falsa/watermelon/sugarcane juice more than when we're having it standing under the blistering sun at one of the numerous roadside stalls and juice walas around the city. You're definitely missing out on one of the (very few) good things about summer if you haven't tried this already!

4. Sun Sand and Surf

Again this is quite a mystery as to why summer hating Pakistanis love going to the beach in this deathly heat, but we do! The feeling of that not-so-cool water on our feet, after having walked through the burning sand, is quite amazing. Nothing works as well as that tanned skin for summer to leave its mark upon us, as well as loving aunties who ask "Beta rung kyun itna kharaab hogaya?"

5. Bless Dolmen Mall for Central Air Conditioning


What better way to pass the hot day than chill in the food court for as long as you want (FOR FREE!) and have a cone of ice cream from McDonalds? And remember the mall rules if it's a weekend: one girl with a group of ten boys is as much a 'family' as a father-son duo who actually need to buy something!

6. Sleeping on the roof


A common childhood memory for a majority of Pakistanis has to be dragging your blankets to the terrace or up the roof of your house when the electricity goes out in the middle of the night and the UPS isn't charged. The slight breeze that blesses our nights is truly a reminder that God will save us from melting away.

And of course if all else fails: desi ingenuity is the way to go!