Sunday, 10 January 2016

4 Kinds Of People You Find At Every Desi Wedding

No better season than wedding season right? Wrong! With some event or the other every night, our outfits are running out and so is our ability to keep down all that greasy food! We've all been to at least one wedding the past month, and no desi wedding is complete without certain people that we find at every wedding!

1. Aunties

There is no escaping those dreaded aunties, with that deep analysing stare that evaluates you from head-to-toe before they walk up to you with a wide fake smile and try to make small talk to see how suitable you might or might not be for their handsome son who just did his Masters in ABC and is now working at XYZ bank in Dubai.

2. Drunk Uncle 

EVERY family has that one embarrassing uncle who makes it obvious that he's had one too many to drink when he starts busting some killer moves on the dance floor, much to the shock of his embarrassed family!

3. Dancing Armies

While Mehndis are supposed to be the fun and entertaining part of a wedding, there will always be that one sister/brother of the bride/groom who has taken command of their dancing army and is taking their job way too seriously by busting some seriously strange moves on the floor!

4. The Happy Couple

And last, but not the least, there is the not so happy couple who is just trying to keep a grin plastered on their faces so the photographer they paid for can get them some nice new candid display picture, while they pretend to care about the guests who they have probably never even seen before!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2015- The Year Of The Revival Of Pakistani Cinema

Things for Pakistani cinema have seemed to be going up hill ever since the super hit Na-maloom Afraad in 2014, and boy are we glad about that! Here's looking back at some of the super hit movies we loved from 2015, and to hoping for many more!

1. Shah


Perhaps the best thing about Shah was the fact that it was based on the real story of a Pakistani Olympian boxer, who started his life on the streets of Lyari as a homeless child and went on to become the only Pakistani boxer to win an Olympics medal. Shah was highly commended by critics for being carried out without a song, melodramatic plot or any high-profile cast and still achieving what it has today!

2. Moor

Moor, meaning mother in Pashto, introduces a simplistic storyline about family values and principles that is unraveled while keeping the audience hooked throughout. With great cinematography and some gorgeous scenic shots of our snow-capped mountains, this movie highlighted the lost livelihood in Balochistan in a breathtaking and emotional journey. Not only was the story beautifully told without being pretentious or preachy, but also put across the moving concept of loving your motherland.

3. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani

Revolving around three couples and the confusion and mishaps that take place in the men's lives, this movie had a completely different genre from the other two, yet with its senseless comedy and hilarious characters it was a comical hit! Despite the fact that the storyline was quite similar to many Bollywood movies we have all seen, an entertaining plot, good actors and catchy songs made this movie fun to watch. Just goes to show that our Pakistani cinema can be an all-rounder no matter what sort of movie we produce!