Friday, 20 November 2015

4 Ways To NOT Style Your Winter Look

The season for smart jackets, cozy sweaters and perfect hair is finally here! But in our need to keep warm we tend to make some basic fashion faux pas while styling our looks for a night out. Here are some things you can easily avoid!

Toe Socks

Yes they're super comfy and tend to look cute too, but guys please keep your gloved feet restricted for when you're lounging around the house! They're a little too casual to be worn outside!

Puffy Jackets


No doubt it's the number one way to keep warm, but when you're dressed up for the night? No no! Stick to simple jackets or over coats to go with your dressy look.

Over-sized Fluffy Ear Muffs


No...just no...

Over Doing The Leather

We all love how cool a leather jacket or sexy leather boots look, but don't over do your look by adding more than one leather element to your outfit! Keep it simple and keep it fashionable :)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Going Out To Eat-In The Digital Age

The digital age makes our everyday lives easier but with everyone being so dependant on technology these days, even something as simple as going out for a casual lunch isn't possible without the use of social media!

1) Making the plan:
 We Whatsapp our friends to ask them if they're free, usually a broadcast or group message since personal messages and polite phone calls are so 2010!

2) Arriving at the venue:
 The compulsory Check-In on Facebook to let people know of your busy social life. Plus you can never have enough freebie cookies, right?

3) Arrival of the food:
Wait! You can't touch it until you've taken some creative and artsy pictures to get more followers on Instagram!


4) Recording the chitter chatter:
A fun filled Snapchat video story is a must to show people how cool your friends are and how much fun you're having!

5) Saying good-byes:
And you end your dinner with a light funny tweet about some latest run-of-the-mill topic to flaunt your general know-how.