Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fabric Fever 2014!

Hello ladies!

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it's time to bring out your stylish winter wardrobe! Winter is yet another reason to flaunt your style and be yourself, why hide behind layers of clothes when you can wear something cozy and equally glamorous at the same time!

Comfort Zone(left), Winter Bloom (center), Inferno (right)

As the mercury level drops we find a variety of fabrics approach the market, each with its own distinct quality.

Linen: Winters and linen go hand in hand every year. This fabric is perhaps most commonly used in clothing due to its smooth feel and a flawless finish. Some types of linen have a slight sheen to them and are very light weight making it a smart choice this season. Have a look at Comfort Zone, the simplicity and the trend appeal is to die for! The of-so-soft feel of linen is amazing while the beautiful colors simply take your breath away.

Karandi: If you are someone who likes to step out in a warmer fabric, then karandi is what you’re looking for. Known for it’s thickness and superior warmth, karandi has a slightly rougher texture than other winter fabrics. Adorn yourself in the comfortable embrace of Winter Bloom that has an eye catching color combined with comfortable long sleeves that will take you through the harsh climate with ease

Marina: Marina is yet another option available for those who like a lustrous feel combined with comfort. Similar in feel to linen, marina has a heavier weave and is thicker than linen, making it perfect for those cold winter nights. Inferno is available worldwide to all the comfort lovers! The neutral hues and the earthy tones compliment the weather while the soft feel, superior comfort and the drop-dead-gorgeous appeal of the dress takes it on another level of dressing!

Let us know what you think!