Sunday, 18 October 2015

Get The Perfect Fall Looks!

It's time to transition your make-up bags from summer to fall, moving from bright looks to moodier colours and dewy skin! Here are some simple changes you need to make for the season!

1. Dark Lips 

Darker lip shades need to replace the bright pinks and corals you may have been using the past few months. So think browns, mauves, maroons, berries and plums!

2. Nude Cheeks

Since lip colours are getting darker, keep your blush ons a neutral colour for a well balanced and natural look!

3. Dewy Skin


A glowing, more luminous base is a must during cooler seasons as compared to the matte looks we opt for during summer. So keep your highlighting powders and dewy foundations handy!

4. Contoured Skin


Instead of the warm bronzers we see in summer it's time for more cool toned contour powders!

5. Metallic or Muted Eyeshadows

Even though nude and matte eye shades are the look to opt for during the day, metallic eyeshadows are a good choice for your more formal looks this season!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Top 4 Accessory Trends Of 2015

2015 has been a year for statement accessories and blinged out looks! Here are some of the trends that are here to stay until further notice.

1. Ear-cuffs

Why stick to normal studs or earrings when you can bling up your whole ear from top to bottom! Ear-cuffs ranging from funky to simple and classy are the in thing this season for a super hip look!

2.  Midi Rings


Be it chunky or something exquisite, rings that come up to your knuckles are a must have for any jewellery lover! Not the most practical accessory, but they definitely do make your hands look prettier!

3. Statement Sunglasses

No more simple black shades when the top trend gives you a choice of crazy shapes and outrageous sizes! Make sure to have at least one out-of-the-box pair (perhaps not as crazy as this image!) to make a statement!

4. Quirky Bags

From food to animals to crazy objects, everything goes when it comes to a unique purse to carry these days! Perfect to oomph up a simple outfit and look stylish as ever!