Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fabric Fever 2014!

Hello ladies!

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it's time to bring out your stylish winter wardrobe! Winter is yet another reason to flaunt your style and be yourself, why hide behind layers of clothes when you can wear something cozy and equally glamorous at the same time!

Comfort Zone(left), Winter Bloom (center), Inferno (right)

As the mercury level drops we find a variety of fabrics approach the market, each with its own distinct quality.

Linen: Winters and linen go hand in hand every year. This fabric is perhaps most commonly used in clothing due to its smooth feel and a flawless finish. Some types of linen have a slight sheen to them and are very light weight making it a smart choice this season. Have a look at Comfort Zone, the simplicity and the trend appeal is to die for! The of-so-soft feel of linen is amazing while the beautiful colors simply take your breath away.

Karandi: If you are someone who likes to step out in a warmer fabric, then karandi is what you’re looking for. Known for it’s thickness and superior warmth, karandi has a slightly rougher texture than other winter fabrics. Adorn yourself in the comfortable embrace of Winter Bloom that has an eye catching color combined with comfortable long sleeves that will take you through the harsh climate with ease

Marina: Marina is yet another option available for those who like a lustrous feel combined with comfort. Similar in feel to linen, marina has a heavier weave and is thicker than linen, making it perfect for those cold winter nights. Inferno is available worldwide to all the comfort lovers! The neutral hues and the earthy tones compliment the weather while the soft feel, superior comfort and the drop-dead-gorgeous appeal of the dress takes it on another level of dressing!

Let us know what you think!

Friday, 29 August 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Hello Everyone!

We're back with an exciting piece on none other than the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week which we're sure your newsfeed is "flooded" with everday! Most of you must have seen your friends dumping a bucket full of icy cold water over their heads and uploading the entire scene on their social networking profiles , looks like fun (brrrr...!! ) but what is ALS and why has it gone viral?

ALS Association is a US based non profit organization that raises money on research , patient  services and creating awareness about the motor neuron disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as the Lou Gehrig's disease.Due to the fun concept and the celebrity heft, the ice bucket phenomenon has gone viral over the social networking websites in the past two months with more than 2.5 million videos being uploaded and more than USD 22.9 million donated to the ALS Association!

In case you have missed it (we doubt it! ) but this is how it works.

Within 24 hours of being challenged the participants have to record themselves in continuous footage. First they have to announce their acceptance of challenge followed by nominating atleast 3 people to take the challenge.Then the participant is supposed to pour a bucket full of icy cold water over their head. If somebody is nominated and refuse to take the challenge (yes, all the chickens out there ) then they are supposed to donate USD 100 to the ALS foundation. Amazing , right?

 Here's why we think you should take up the challenge!

1) Charity begins at home: By nominating other people to take up the challenge you are actually inviting people to join hands for a noble cause. You can even take up the challenge and donate to the cause of your own choice like some charity trust in Pakistan instead of the ALS Association because the idea behind the concept is "Giving what we can" for a greater cause!

2) Its FUN! : When was the last time you had the chance to play around with a little water? (We thought so! ) This activity gives you a 5 minute break from your hectic routines and gives you the opportunity to have some fun with your friends and family.

3) Everyone can join in! :This activity can be taken up by anyone , at any place and any time  There are no particular rules or pre-requisites for the challenge other  than a gung ho attitude! Billionaires like Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates and celebrities like Zac Efron and Ashton Kutcher have all taken up the challenge.

4) No additional material required: All that is required for the task is some ice , water and a bucket which are easily available at home so you don't have to spend a dime on anything.

5) Its Summer! : Nothing beats the heat like a good old bucket of cold water! And with the load shedding getting out of control ,we are sure you will find this the best way to donate .

That was all from our side , do keep us posted on what you think and we would love to see you do the challenge! Have fun!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Eid Apparel 2014!

The festivities of Eid are just around the corner and let’s admit it that we have our eyes open for that one perfect dress that has glamour, class and elegance all in one! Wrap around the glitter festivities defining the startling Eid collection at Daaman this season and we are sure you will fall in love with the one.

Elegance is the only mantra defining the Eid collection at Daaman this season, accentuate your monarchical persona with our ritzy eastern designs or show your love for the modern cuts with gorgeous motifs to shimmer up your style. And for your little buds there is a huge eye popping assortment in pretty pinks and wonderful blues so hop on for a fun ride to explore what Daaman has in store for you!

Let the diva in you shine bright and strong this Eid in Luminescent .This design is rich in its appeal while giving a nod to the cultural allure. If you are a fun person who loves to go glitz and glam in the dressing department then this dress is your answer. Some chunky bangles and mehndi is all you need to complete the look.

Elegance Matters
If soft and classic is how you define your style game then Elegance matters is one beautiful and breath-taking chiffon ensemble that flashes your love for style and trend. The softness of chiffon combined with the stylish sleeveless design and the string belt adds a wow factor to mix whereas the subtle color palette is classic all the way down. It’s lady like and high on fashion so indulge in the luxury.
Shimmer me Timbers

Shimmer me Timbers lets your little one live the colors of carnival this Eid looking cute and girly. Your little princess will look like a doll in the shimmery tea pink design paired with the adorable gold tights. Just add a pair of butterfly hair pins and gold ballet shoes and she’s ready to shine on the big day.

Don’t forget to update us with your feedback. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

History of Red Lipstick!

Let’s begin with a fun question,

What is that one item you will find in the makeup bags of Gwen Stefani, Elizabeth Taylor, Lady Gaga, Marilyn Monroe, and Angelina Jolie? (Yes, we just love peeping in someone else’s roll of cosmetics!).

You guessed it….a red lipstick!

Red is that one classic lip color that women of all ages have embraced since 3000 BC! The ancient Mesopotamian women used crushed gemstones to decorate their lips and the famous Cleopatra VII would crush red ants and carmine in beeswax to color her lips red! (We never felt more glad being born in the 21st century, honestly!)

(Token of Appreciation: Hats off to Queen Elizabeth I for rocking the red lips in mid 1500’s!)

The popularity of lipsticks faded away until the look was revived on the big screen by famous actresses like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Till then lipsticks were made from carmine dye taken from cochineal insect scales (which must have tasted interesting!).

 Within years, major beauty companies like Chanel, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and Guerlain started selling lipsticks and we landed in an era of hassle-free-bugs-free lipsticks that too in a range of red shades (Thank God!)

Today a signature red lip has the same timeless appeal and classy edge it had centuries ago. Be it a night time or day, a red carpet or a college farewell, a working woman or a housewife , a rouge lip color is fit for all if the right shade is chosen!

Let us know about your favorite red lip event, we would love to hear from you!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Ideal Summer Destinations!

Summers are finally here! The soaring temperature makes it tough to focus on work and now is the time to take out all the travel brochures hidden under your work files and run off to a vacation spot! Take out your sun block and beach mats people because we are going on a fun ride to the 3 most exciting summer destinations we know you don’t want to miss out on!
Shangri-La Resort- Skardu

This resort right here is a real summer treat! Hidden between the mighty Himalayas this resort hugs the heart shaped Kachura Lake and was named Heaven on Earth (Shangri-la in Chinese) for its spectacular beauty, peaceful atmosphere and breath-taking view.
(Inside tip: Nothing is more romantic than a stroll in the fruit laden gardens around the lake with your significant other.)
From the red slanted roofs to the blue sky and from the crystal clear water to the green valleys, you will be captivated by the splendor of colors this place has to offer! Shangri-La is accessible by road and air so don’t miss out the opportunity to visit this place.
Get accommodated indoors or enjoy the panoramic view in the swiss-cottages and villas dotted along the serene lake. Spend your day either boating on the beautiful Kachura Lake or explore the mini zoo which has an admirable collection of the rare wild birds and animals. You can also sign up for a trekking expedition to explore the neighboring valleys during the day and enjoy sumptuous Chinese and Pakistani cuisines at bonfires while listening to cultural music outdoors under the stars!
Patong Beach , Phuket-Thailand
Patong Beach is yet another piece of beauty you would want to explore this summer! Situated in the south of Thailand on the coast of Andaman Sea, Phuket is amongst the most popular travel destinations among Pakistanis (including the Daaman office!).
Picture yourself on a long stretch of secluded beach where all you can hear are the calm waves lapping upon the soft sand with the faint hum the tropical wildlife in the distance.

(Inside tip: Keep yourself hydrated! Try the Thai ice-tea with orange blossom water. Super-Refreshing!)
Patong beach is considered as the hub of Phuket's nightlife and budget-friendly shopping on the island, moreover one can find the highest concentration of restaurants reflecting the diversity of tourists visiting this place! The dinning establishments run from hand-wheeled carts selling kebabs and sticky rice all the way to world class fine dining with celebrity chefs.

(Inside tip: Try the mouth-watering shrimp curry, your taste-buds will thank you!)
One can spend the day getting involved in a wide range of activities like snorkeling, sun-bathing, surfing, playing golf, scuba diving or simply going shopping while enjoying the exquisite cuisines and the raging nightlife at night!
Mount Nemrut- Turkey
All of you who have given your hearts to old archaeological sites and mountains, we give you Mount Nemrut. Being one of the most popular sites in Turkey with 2000 years old ruins of the Commagene cult, huge statues of ancient Greek, Armenian, and Perisan gods, we are sure you wont be able to get enough of this place!
Take out your sunblocks and unleash your wander-lust people because the sunrise and the sunset is breath-taking! The beauty is almost impossible to describe.
(Inside tip: Make sure you carry a warm jacket even in harsh summers so being cold does not distract you from the experience)

The hiking experience is amazing here, you will be required to climb up , We recommend that you choose the West terrace since it has stairs all the way to the top but if the entire journey gets exhausting then mule taxi services are available. The entire journey takes upto 6 hours and there are many stops on the way up, it’s better that you take your time going up and take breaks while enjoying the beautiful view.

Let us know which place inspired you the most!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fashion Trends -Summer 2014

Summers have finally arrived and with the temperature nudging over 30 degrees in most parts of the country and the heat becoming unbearable most of us will be hitting the stores to look for something breezy, gorgeous and equally trendy!

Ask yourself whether you are stuck in a fashion rut? If you have set your mode on auto-pilot and head out to the same stores again and again then we suggest that you snap out of it this season because summer 2014 is all about bringing a change and keeping it classy no matter what. Here is a sneak peek of the top 4 fashion trends this year.

H for Higher Hemlines!

Yes , shirts with a higher hemline are back in vogue this season. Not only that but the front-low and back-high hemlines will surely bring you to a halt! While the latter half of 2013 experimented with short hemlines , the designers have made a transition this year and higher hemlines are back for good.They a stunner while they are known to bring grace and elegance to your personality.

Trend Report and Bead Up are two one of a kind shirts that are designed to set you apart from the crowd, and we predict that choosing between the two will be a task. Former is a funky and feminine combination whereas the latter is a classy black and white dress with a net hemline to die for! Make a pick or grab both of them to spring in style this season.

Pop of Poppy Prints

With the summers finally setting in , we can see an outburst of blooms everywhere from the gardens and sidewalks to our wardrobes! Yes the fashion of botanical prints and flora is a big in and they are leaving a stamp everywhere.Be it an embroidered motif or a simple print , florals are here to stay.

 The green fingered designers have cultivated a floral-strewn trend this time and tried to capture the beauty of the season in breathtaking colors that will quickly become the star of your closet.

Check out Pride and Bloom and The Greenhouse Effect from our summer collection 2014 that will put you on the peak of glamour and charisma in no time.

Sleeker Silhouettes

Sleeker silhouettes mark a new dawn of femininity. When talking about the silhouettes this summer, it turned out that the designers are a big fan of sleeker than flowy this season. Yes the dresses that we have are ready-to-wear and ready-to-impress!

Daaman gets a thumbs up for creating a range of ravishing garments in a variety of neon and soft colors. Citrus Splash and Sheer Elegance are two masterpieces from Summer collection 2014 that amps the stylish you.


Metallics are back and the season calls for a lustrous shine, be it night or day. Gone are the days when adding a metallic or a heavily embellished clutch was enough , this season we suggest your audience to put on their shades because looks with reflective touches are what's in. We suggest that you pair them up with simple hairstyles and natural makeup .

Check out Daaman's version of metallic mania with Why Knot, a beautiful shirt with long sleeves that will take your breath away. The irresistible mint green fabric with a metallic sheen will stun everyone around you. We suggest you pair the garment with a pair of your favorite capri pants to show your classy side.

Let us know what you think .

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stunning Divas! Golden Globes 2014

2014 started off with a bang as all the stars gathered in LA for the first big event of the awards season. We are, of course, talking about the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards!  The Hollywood A-List kicked off 2014 in style and graced the red carpet in stunning and ravishing silhouettes! Missed the action? Here is a red carpet recap of 3 looks we loved!

Margot Robbie in GUCCI – “The Glowing Goddess”

Gucci was a standout this season!

The Hollywood newbie and the "Wolf of Wall Street" star looked striking in this tight-fitting white Gucci dress with a rhinestone trim and a super high classy slit.

 Not only did her gown fit her like it was made for her, but she managed to show the perfect amount of skin. To top it off she went for a sleek side part and had her hair pulled back into a bun while she dazzled in emerald-green six inch killer heels to die for! Chic & sophisticated !

Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera – “Lady in Red”

This wonderful lady in red is none other than the famous “Love story” singer who has never failed to stun her audience with her phenomenal beauty and breath-taking ensembles.

 This young star appeared in a ravishing red gown with a black strap at the bust that complimented her delicate frame.The gown fanned out around her waist and buckled at the back. 

The star complimented the dress with a stunning beauty look as she rocked her signature red lip which really brought out the color of the dress! She wore her blonde hair in soft curls which added to the glam look of the night. Win-Win Taylor!

Emma Watson in Dior Couture  –“Red Alert”

The 23-year-old star Harry Potter star arrived at the Beverly Hilton hotel wearing a sweeping red dress with a sash belt tied at the side (we think red was the colour of the evening!) 

What really wowed the audience was when Emma turned her back and revealed that she was actually dressed in a backless number with black skinny trousers! Way to go Emma!

 She accessorized her look with navy blue strappy heels( same ones she wore on last year’s red carpet, unfortunately), dark red lips and one earring as she pouted for photographers. But despite that one thing was certain, she pulled it off with grace & style.

There were so many dazzling ensembles making their way up the red carpet on this star-studded event that it’s close to impossible for us to decide on our favorite looks. All the leading ladies looked phenomenal on the red carpet, but who do you think grabbed the “Lady of the evening” title? Do let us know!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

3 Best Ways of Making Hot Chocolate!

Brrrr...It’s cold! With dark, grey clouds blotting out the morning sun here in Pakistan and the polar vortex running amok over the US, we wanted to give everyone a break from the cold and share some rather delicious recipes with you all. Nothing says ‘comfort’ quite like a mug of delicious hot chocolate and a good book while you nestle on that comfortable sofa next to the fireplace.

Below are three different ways of making this heavenly delight! 


Method 1
Chocolate Bars
Method 2
Cocoa Powder
Method 3
Chocolate Syrup
170 g of solid chocolate chunks
2-3 spoons of unsweetened powdered cocoa
4 tablespoons of Chocolate Syrup
1 tablespoon of sugar
2-3 tablespoons of sugar
Canned whipped cream
1 cup milk
1 cup milk
1 cup milk
Cream (optional)
Optional flavorings: vanilla, whipped cream, wafers, sprinkles ,chocolate shavings,mint
Optional flavorings: vanilla, whipped cream, wafers, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, mint
Optional flavorings: vanilla, whipped cream, wafers, sprinkles ,chocolate shavings,mint


Method 1: Chocolate bars

1.       Obtain a good quality chocolate bar from the market and break it into smaller chunks
2.       Place a small pot of water on high heat and put a metal bowl on top. Add the chocolate and stir until fully melted.
3.       Add cream at 1:1 to the chocolate and stir, effectively making a ganache.
4.       Add any additional flavorings to the ganache while stirring in the cream.
5.       Using the boil method should make it more difficult to burn your chocolatey goodness, but be careful with the bowl as it will get hot!
2.       Add milk, whisking continuously.Garnish with whatever you wish, such as mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, or whipped cream, it's going to be delicious!

Method 2: Cocoa powder

1.       Take cocoa powder ,sugar and a little water in a pan and whisk until perfectly combined over medium heat. Be sure to use hot water only.
2.       Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a boil. Stop stirring, reduce the heat to medium low, and let the mixture boil for 2 minutes.
3.       Add flavorings at this point.
4.       Slowly add in the milk, stirring to blend. Heat the cocoa until it's very hot, but do not allow it to boil.
5.       Serve it up!

Method 3: Chocolate syrup

This method is our ultimate favorite!

1.       Put four tablespoons (or to taste) of Hershey chocolate syrup in a cup.
2.       Squirt in whipped cream to about halfway up the cup. If there is no whipped cream available, powdered sugar and vanilla extract works just as well.
3.       Mix the whipped cream and chocolate together with a spoon.
4.       Add hot milk of your choice to the above mixture and stir thoroughly with a spoon.
5.       Add whipped cream on top applying in a circular motion ending up with a very pretty mini mountain.
6.       Using a spoon dipped in the chocolate syrup drizzle over the whipped cream.
7.       Finished. Sip slowly while you enjoy your favorite TV show.

So there you have it; three ways of making the perfect winter beverage. We hope this post had been informative for all the chocoholics reading this. Do try out the recipes and let us know how your chocolate treat turned out, we’d love to hear from you!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lights, Camera, Sparkle!

Let’s begin with wishing a very "Happy New Year" to all of the wonderful people out there. 2014 just stepped in and yes its getting chillier with each passing day! The cold wave has taken over the country but stepping out cannot be avoided so we've come up with a way to glam you up this winter.

A new year means a fresh start, so we decided to mix and match a few accessories and cosmetic products with this beautiful formal shirt by Daaman, ideal for the night out with family and friends.Below is what we have in mind for a drop-dead-diva look.

  1. NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red :This season we are fixated on bright and bold pouts. The lipstick that we have selected is NYX Matte in Perfect Red  , highly pigmented , long lasting with pure matte finish. Perfect shade to make your lips pop.

  1. Gold & Coloured Stone Earrrings:
These dangly burgundy stoned chandelier earrings are essential to complete the look you are going for.Wear your hair in a stylish updo to show off these stunners!
  1. Crystal Embellished Satin Pumps:
Stilettos’ are an absolute must-have for every girl on this planet. Covered in light reflecting micro-crystals, these shoes make an elegant statement.

  1. MAC Eye Kohl:
The idea here is to line the eyes with a soft eye liner pencil that glides on smoothly for a silky smooth matte/pearl finish.

 Line your upper and lower lash-line with sufficient amount of kohl to make them prominent though we wouldn’t recommend a cat eye look or a winged eye liner with this pencil, for such looks you can always use gel or liquid eye-liners.

  1. Baked Eye-Shadow Palette By E.L.F :
The baked eye shadow palette that we have selected here is by E.L.F but obviously you can use any good- quality eye shadow. Keep the eye shade a little nude and brown because we already have a prominent lip shade.

  1. Rebbeca Minkoff Leather Metallic Shoulder Bag:
Don’t we all have a secret craving for Shoulder bags?! Yes we do. A gold shoulder bag would add glamour and finesse to the entire look.

  1. Guerlin Cils Denfer Maxilash Mascara
Now what we need here is a product to create a maximum volume curl and hold, yes girls apply a heavy dose of this magic on outer edges of the top and bottom lashes for an intense, provocative and hypnotic look.

  1. Nail Enamel By NARS In Oxblood Red:
Rose tinted lips are incomplete without a fancy nail paint ladies. And since oxblood red has dominated the FALL 2012 runways with its gorgeous mixture of burgundy and scarlet we want you to check out this vampy nail polish and tint your fingertips with the dramatic shade.

We've reviewed quite a few products here but if applied in the right quantity and manner paired with a beautiful smile would definitely stun everyone you meet! Hope you enjoyed our review and please leave your valuable comments behind, stay tuned for more!