Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ramzan Favourites

With Ramzan right around the corner, we feel it's the perfect time to look at some of the things that makes us appreciate this holy month the most! 

1. Shorter Work Hours

What's not to love about those three beautiful words? Yes, we know the day starts earlier than normal but it's still bearable when you know you can be home and down for a refreshing nap while the sun is still up and still have half the day left to be productive!

2. That scrumptious feast

Pakoras, samosas, chaat, fresh juices- everything we love but don't really have unless there's some special occasion, and of course Ramzan is that perfect occasion! With a great feast laid out to chomp down on (and gain a few extra pounds too!), it really makes us count our blessings and feel grateful, after all that's what this month is all about!

3. Sense of Community and Belonging

That feeling when the whole family sits down for a meal together? Priceless! Everyone is feeling thankful and appreciative to have the chance to share a meal we've been looking forward to the whole day, and that feeling is what captures the true essence of Ramzan!

4. Countdown to Eid!

And of course, Ramzan is the perfect reminder that our favourite holiday is just around the corner!