Monday, 7 November 2016

Welcoming the Winter Wonderland!

Winters in Pakistan tend to be gloomier as compared to other parts of the world. We don't go through that exhilarating feeling upon seeing the entire country lit up with Christmas lights, embellished with glitzy ornaments and buzzing with melodious jingles wherever you go. We are also deprived of the luxury of 'centrally heated' homes and the ever-present 'gas shortage' takes its toll as well.

So amidst this entire dilemma, how does one ensure a fun-filled, rocking December? Here are 5 things you definitely should be doing!

1. Gear up for the 'shaadi' season

Our flashy and flamboyant 'shaadi' season which kicks off as soon as the last spell of heat diminishes, is nothing less than a grand Bollywood movie. A perfect answer to the holiday season celebrations. So how do you tackle that 'shaadi' mania?

Plan your mehndi/ shaadi joras at least 2-3 months in advance to avoid your darzis' and designers' tantrums. 

Source: Rahim Pardesi

Confirm your salon's bookings in advance as this is the place where hordes of women will flock in hope to look perfect for the wedding season.

Lastly, expect the unexpected i.e the guests from all corners of the globe. Get the deep cleaning of guests rooms done, hire some extra help, stock up on grocery and toiletries to avoid last moment embarrassments.

2. Flaunt it while you have it

Winter season comes, chills you to the bone and is gone by the time you adjust to it.
So without further ado, flaunt those ultra-trendy designer coats/ jackets, chic capes and smart ankle boots, before they find a place in a hidden corner of your wardrobe to be taken out only for a trip up north.

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3. Focus on your skin care regimen

Winters are not only chilly, they are also very dry. Cracked lips and flaked skin is not a very pretty sight especially when you are already feeling super cold.

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Your best bet is to invest on good moisturizers, sunscreens, humidifiers, socks and gloves, chap-sticks, lip balms and vaseline. Staying hydrated and eating power packed warm stuff will also keep you alert.

And lastly, as sad as it may sound, restrict those luxurious warm baths as they only add fuel to the fire when it comes to your dry skin.

4. Enjoy that 'layer of fat'

Because it wouldn't show underneath those multiple layers of clothing. One more reason to simply love the winter season! :D

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Winter is just the right time for some cheat days or possibly even a cheat month! Also, the fact that you will be feasting on those delicious wedding meals, will make those diets fruitless anyways. So ditch those diets while you can, and embrace that secret layer of fat. After all, what is it that a smart-fit jacket can't hide? ;)

5. Savor those wintery delights

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Winter is the right time to munch on all that ' comfort food'. Picture yourself nibbling those roasted peanuts, being snuggled up in a warm and cosy blanket with a huge mug of freshly brewed coffee/ hot chocolate on your side table! Sounds divine right?

Dig out and try different recipes of soups, fish/ seafood and steaks. Oh and did we forget garma garam gajjar ka halwa? And that basket full of oranges on a bright sunny 'picnic' sort of day? Annar ka juice overload?

Last but not the least, throw a bonfire bash with a live BBQ served with some pink tea and some amazing melodious music to turn it into a perfect wintery night to remember.

Here's to a wonderful Winter season ahead!
Stay warm guys :)

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