Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Top 5 Picks to make a 'Colour' Story!

Colours are a power tool that can make or break your entire look and a ‘less is more’ fashion philosophy makes it easier to look stylish with the use of flattering cuts, patterns, designs and colours. Use our picks for the ‘it’ colours of the season to help you create a wardrobe that is up-to-date and chic. So is orange really the new black? Go through our TOP 5 colour picks below to find the answer ;)

1. Nifty shades of ‘Blue’

‘Blue’ is the talk of the town. Whether you are struggling through Monday blues or baby blues, there is a shade of blue just meant for you. To make a strong style statement, opt for Riverside, airy blue, cobalt blue and navy to give your wardrobe a whole new perspective.

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2. Paint me ‘red’

Nothing lifts your look a notch higher like red does, even if it’s just a dash here and there. Powerful, mystical and classic, it’s a match made in heaven for our Asian skin tones. We just got lucky here! So flip your adventurous side up by going for Pantone’s ‘Aurora red’ which is a true fiery one with warm undertones, and paint the town red.

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3. Go ‘Green’!

Ladies, putting the patriotic connotation aside, we have all the more reason to wear forest green as we get a ‘green signal’ from leading runways. Time to dump those good old mints and pastels! Show your wild side by donning the colour in a shade inspired by botanicals, lush meadows and foliage. And let’s give this one a brownie point for playing soul-mate to all our favorite neutrals. Yay!

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4. A pinch of ‘Mustard’

We have always counted on yellow to brighten up a dull, boring outfit and taking the ‘yellow fever’ a step higher now is this very exotic, spicy and zesty ‘gainday ka phool’ sort of shade. This ‘spicy mustard’ is so vibrant it has literally set the runways ablaze. Go head to toe or reflect in separates like a mustard bag, nail color, jacket or scarf; either way you won’t go wrong!

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5. Neutral shades of ‘Taupe & Grays’

Remember that neutral friend in a conflicting situation? How reassured and comfortable they make you feel, in a classic, timeless manner! This gray area is exactly where this season’s favorite ‘warm taupe’ and ‘sharkskin’ fall. We can’t just help but love these as they are so easy to wear and easy to pair. For instance, how potent is the contrast of 'cobalt blue/ gray' or a 'taupe/ maroon'!

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So which of our top picks are you planning to indulge in this season?

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