Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Winning Morning Routine!

Late nights are so much fun ... but only until you have to hit that snooze button 8 times to drag your groggy self out of bed exactly 20 minutes before office starts. Lo and behold, all hell breaks loose! Unironed clothes, a rumbling tummy, a rush-hour madness on the roads and a grumpy you! Sigh, could mornings be any better than this? The answer is YES. If only you could squeeze in a perfectly trimmed out morning routine! Not just a simple "wakeup-shower-eat-go" type but the one to get your mental, physical and spiritual wheels churning and keep you more energized and self-fulfilled.

Here are 6 things you can do to ensure a great, healthy start to your day:

1. Wake up early

Allow yourself at least 2-3 hours of peace before you head out to combat the exhausting daily grind, because early birds do indeed catch the worm. Enough to burst our bubbles is the fact that none of those highly successful people we idolize sleep until late to eat their lunch as a breakfast, so why should we? ;)

2. Put technology away

That one unread Facebook notification or an email is more inviting than the heavenly aroma of a freshly cooked Biryani but let not the temptation make you a victim to passive browsing. Before you know it, an hour will be gone!

3. Prepare your body for the day

Exercise, walk, jog or dance whatever your heart desires - 15-20 minutes will suffice and get you on your winning feet like a ninja!

4. Feed your Soul

Try taking out 15 minutes every morning to start your day with some quiet meditation. Just let your mind relax and prepare itself for the day ahead. Alternatively, 15 minutes of morning yoga can also actually help reach a zen state and prepare you for the craziness that lies ahead.

5. Fuel your Mind

Nourish your brain with stuff that lights your fire and broadens your intellectual horizon like updating yourself with daily world news, reading a great book, jotting down your to-do list or simply taking out time to update a journal.

6. A Breakfast for Champions

Hide away those artificially flavored cereals, chocolate oozing waffles and Nutella toasts. You are what you eat, so eat for success and that you will be! Fibers, proteins and fruits will keep you fresh and full.

Most importantly, smile and be in your best spirits as you surprise your boss by reaching work before her! You look well rested and absolutely gorgeous. Have a nice day! ;)

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