Monday, 16 January 2017

6 Simple things to help you declutter!

With the ‘New year, new me’ mantra still reverberating in our ears, it's just the time to start new. And the first thing to hit the refresh button on is….your wardrobe? Nay! It’s that living space which sets a positive tone.

‘Decluttering’ helps regain your focus, kick off unnecessary stress and gives you a lot of room for newer, more exciting things.  Yayy! And cherry on the top is that being organized adds to your classy persona! So, let’s get you started with these six simple tricks that can work for about any family and in the tightest schedule.

1. Get everyone into the Groove

As you embark on a decluttering adventure, save yourself those hair tearing, nerve-racking moments by making sure everyone in the house shares your frequency. Yes, even that trouble maker who shamelessly dumps clothes on the floor, leaves dishes where they are and sneaks out before they meet your eye!

2. Delegate Tasks

Throw away your ‘super woman’ robe and stop being a sacrificial lamb NOW. ‘Division of Labor’ is the smartest way to go around as you can delegate tasks like sorting those ‘piles of files’ and that monstrous heap of clothes to dad and kids. Or hire help! Just be kind to your tiny fragile shoulders, please!

3. Involve Kids

Not only is it productive but it also inculcates some essential life skills in them. After all, if they can fiddle with those gadgets, they can pretty well make their beds too, right? Make it fun by having a game, a sibling’s competition or simply playing ‘Barney Clean-up’ song to get them on their toes.

4. Designate a place for everything

That jumble of newspapers, files, shoes, clothes and that useless collection of bric-a-brac sitting idly in your living room, need to have a dedicated place. Invest in smart organizers, spacious baskets, and portable closets to give them a home! 

5. Do little at a time

Decluttering will feel like a cumbersome task if you take it like one. Set smaller goals, focus on one area/ room at a time and make it a routine ritual to get more done in less time.  Little steps go a long way. 

6. Get rid of things you don't need

Being a hoarder never helped anyone! Toss, Donate, hand them down or Olx – create a breathing space for you and your house by getting rid of those extras. And for next time, buy only the utterly essential items. 

So folks, roll up those sleeves and get started already!
Best of luck for Mission Decluttering!!

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