Thursday, 22 December 2016

6 Goals to add to your 2017 Resolutions!

It's that time of the year when we slip into our party heels and celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Also the time to get a bit haunted by that weight machine index which has remained unaffected despite all our year start promises. But we love making them because what is a new year without some renewed annual vows, right?

Here are six simple and smart goals which are a must add to your 2017 resolutions list.

1. Opting for a healthy lifestyle

Pretending those 1000 calories per meal or that daily dose of a big fat juicy burger can help in achieving health targets will never work. And those size zero dreams should be buried where they belong i.e fashion magazines or runways. Thanks to all those gazillion food raids this year for tactfully diverting us to ammi kay hath ka khana again. 'Healthy' is trendy!

2. Sticking to your personal style statement

Did that designer monogrammed bag that you paid an arm and a leg for work any magic? Were you fidgeting all day in those ‘oh so trendy’ cut-out sleeves? Do you feel like a fashion fool while donning a certain style? Time to come out of the whirlwind of fashion trends and identify your personal style statement. 

3. Organizing yourself

Much to some people’s dismay, ‘sanu key’ is not the key that works to beat the competition, but ‘organizing right’ does. Plan your daily activities, prioritize right, stay away from distractions, figure out your triggers, bury that sloth six feet under and get set go. 2017 is about getting your act together. Period. 

4. Facing your Fears

Say 'Bye' to that comfort zone and do stuff that intimidates the hell out of you (except for facing a lizard of course :p). Swim with sharks or jump from a plane, confront an annoying person or try out that venture you always thought was too risky. This year, walk the less traveled but 'magical' path and do things that have scared you. 

5. Giggle and Laugh!

Laughter is not only therapeutic, it is contagious too. So spread some smiles, crack up whenever you can no matter how silly you look and be a source of joy for others.

6. Spending time with Friends and Family

Last but not the least, the daily grind of work life can brush aside our loved ones. Having witnessed some tragic losses last year, let's commit to spending quality time with those who really matter. The bonus outcome: no more taunting by friends for being snotty, biwi kay nakhrey over a forgotten special day or mama ki chappal for always being late! 

Happy 2017 folks! :)

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